The Los Angeles Unified School District is the second largest school district in the country. With over 166,000 high school students, LAUSD is facing decreasing funding across the board, particularly in the athletic department. My goal is to deliver as many kits to LAUSD high school tennis teams as possible! Here are the high schools that have received a Sharing the Love|Team Tennis Kit.

Gardena High School

I was happy Gardena High School was the first recipient of a Sharing the Love|Team Tennis kit as it was my mom’s alma mater! Thank you to Athletic Director Ms. Wallace and Coach Kamiyama for being so welcoming!

Santee High School

Congratulations to Coach Choi and the girls team for winning their league! Thanks to Athletic Director Tamura for facilitating the delivery and a shout out to her commitment to all the athletic teams at Santee!

Manual Arts High School

Loved meeting the girls tennis team at Manual Arts! Coach Capers – you’re incredible! Hope the club is a great success!

Downtown Magnets High

I enjoyed meeting such a great group of tennis players from Downtown Magnets! Your enthusiasm is awesome! Special thank you to Mr. Siedelman of LAUSD Inter-Athletics Department for joining us!

John Fremont High School

Such a great time delivering to Fremont High! I really enjoyed meeting the amazing group of girls on the tennis team!

Bell High School

Thank you to Coach Kane for the great opportunity to meet her amazing team! Congratulations to her two tennis team alumni who are headed to UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara! Way to give back to your high school by being volunteer coaches!

Rancho Dominguez Prepatory High School

So impressed with the facility and students at Rancho Dominguez Prep! Wishing you a great season!

Los Angeles High School

Coach Hall is a former UCLA player who played alongside Arthur Ashe! He is a retired Corporate Lawyer who brought tennis back to LA High 15 years ago. He remains a competitive tennis player competing in ITF summer tournaments! Good luck to your teams Coach Hall!

Elizabeth Learning Center

I enjoyed meeting the girls representing the Tennis Teams! Great job recruiting new players for the team and for your awesome grades throughout the year! Best of luck to the graduating seniors heading off to college!

Crenshaw High School

Southeast High School

Meet my wonderful Racquet Stringers, The Team, and see who is sharing their love!

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